The Association was first established nearly thirty years ago by a group of town centre residents concerned for the future of Shrewsbury’s historic town centre and the wellbeing of those who live within the river loop.

What do we stand for?

The STCRA wants the area “Within the River Loop” to be a safe, attractive, and prosperous place in which to live, visit, work, or play. We believe that a strong resident community, working together with local businesses and the authorities, can help to achieve these ends. We aim to be constructive, recognising the need for change and supporting those proposals that are compatible with the historic character of our historic town.

What does the STCRA do?

The Association tries to maintain a balance between the needs of residents and those of the many varied businesses  that are the very heartbeat of Shrewsbury, and to make a positive and constructive contribution to the lifestyle of the town.

We monitor anything that might affect the town centre, such as planning and licensing applications, traffic flow, parking, and policing. We only get involved if anything is considered detrimental by our members to the quality of life, or the town’s fabric.


The STCRA was a founder member of the National Association of Residents Associations, formed in 2003, which now has an active membership of similar minded resident groups covering the whole of the United Kingdom. NORA is now fully recognised as a representative body and regularly responds to consultations by government departments and has an input into government policy. We are thus kept informed on other resident groups who may have similar problems to ourselves, or have found solutions that could assist us. There is strength in numbers and a louder combined voice!

What about the future?

If you also care about what happens to, or within, the town centre in which you live, and would like to get to know your similarly minded neighbours please consider joining us.

Many of our town centre residents live in, and are thus custodians of, historic buildings that form the very heart and character of Shrewsbury – an awesome responsibility! We aim to support and represent them, in fact all residents of the town centre, to ensure the unique character of the town continues to benefit both residents and visitors alike.

We are especially keen to attract the younger, and new, residents of the town centre into whose hands the responsibility for the very future of our town centre will pass.

We live here because we love living in historic Shrewsbury, and will strive to ensure future generations are given the same opportunity.